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From Healthy Vines to Delicious Wines

An Organic Workshop 

Date: Thursday, June 12, 2003
Time: 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. (noon - 1 p.m. lunch at Topolos Restaurant)
Place: Topolos at Russian River Vineyards
5700 Gravenstein Hwy.
Forestville, CA
Cost: $185 * includes lunch and organic wine tasting, sustainable agriculture manual, sample field sprays

Michael Topolos of Topolos at Russian River Vineyards; organic viticulturist, "Environmental Business of the Year - 1999"

Greg Willis of Agri-Synthesis; author: "How to Grow Better Wine Grapes than You Ever Thought Possible with Less Work than You Imagine.

Who Should Attend:
Growers, vineyard managers, winemakers and anyone desiring to get started today planting or converting their vineyards to sustainable organic viticulture.

How to Sign Up:

Participants can sign up at the winery or call 707-887-3399.

The class has three components:

1. Preparing the Vineyard - You'll learn how to prepare your soil using homeopathic remedies developed by Greg Willis which will restore health to your soil and bring life to your vines. Participants will take home samples of the field sprays.

2. Composting - Using the formula that Greg and Michael have developed will eliminate the need for fertilizers in your vineyard and provide balanced vigor for your vines. Learn the composition and the application of these blends.

3. Cover Crop and Companion Plant Program - Proper cover cropping saves water, attracts the appropriate insects and predators and enhances the flavor of the grapes. Combined with appropriate barrier plantings vineyards actually protect themselves against sharpshooters and other harmful insects.

Participants also will learn about how to create a favorable environment for the four B's - Birds, Bees, Bats and Butterflies - and how they contribute to the overall bio-complexity of the perfect vineyard.

Greg and Michael also will present case studies and provide one-on-one analyses of participants' vineyards.

A quiet revolution from the ground up is growing in the wine country of northern California and growers, consumers and the community are all winning.

In the forefront of this organic movement are Michael Topolos and Greg Willis, who hosts of the workshop.

"During the past 10 years many growers and wineries have quietly began exchanging their harmful chemicals for earth-friendly means of cultivating their land and growing their vines," stated Topolos.

"We are conducting this workshop to de-mystify the process so growers can begin converting their vineyards immediately. They'll learn how they can preserve and strengthen their soils for the future as well as save money on costly chemicals. The results are exceptional wines."

The workshop, which will feature sections on "Preparing the Vineyard," "Composting," and "Cover Crop and Companion Planting." Included will be lunch and organic wine tasting at the Topolos at Russian River Restaurant.

Greg Willis, chairman of Agri-Synthesis, will provide participants with free samples of his natural field sprays and provide a practical manual on preparing the vineyard, composting and cover cropping. Included will be instructions on how create a favorable environment for the birds and the bees and the bats and the butterflies. Everyone attending will receive a free copy of his new book, "How to Grow Better Wine Grapes than You Ever Thought Possible with Less Work than you Imagine."

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